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All These Things


For our Mom:


All the medications and home health visits

All the state of the art medical equipment

All the meals we cooked and ate together

All the naps taken on Sunday afternoons

All the visits from friends and neighbors

All the church going and soul searching

All the special food and shopping trips

All the love we pressed into her hands

All the care and concern we gave her

All the meows from Baby and Dolly

All the hospitals and there were four

All the trust we put into technology

All the questions for all the doctors

All the time spent in hospital rooms

All the days since her first surgery

All the prayers for her well-being

All the times we cried out of fear

All the times we said I love you

All the cleaning out of catheters

All the doctors and surgeons

All the fun we had together

All the laughter we shared

All the talking and sharing

All the plans we had

All the hope we felt

All the hugs

All the tears

Could not




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Introducing: Vijay Nallawala

Hello All!

I have made a new friend.  His name is Vijay Nallawala and he is a very skilled and passionate writer from India.  I came upon his story in a Creative Writing Group I belong to on Linked In.  Here is his heartwarming story and a little about my new friend:

Vijay Nallawala, India.

Warm Regards,
Jill Angel Langlois



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POEM: Fragments of the Long Night

I’m very excited and proud to announce my poem is being featured this month on the Illinois State Poets Society website.

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POEM: Lust For Comfort

I wanted to provide a link to show a favorite poem of mine that was published approximately 12 years ago. It’s called Lust For Comfort. The link is:

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A Teacher Who Meant The World To Me

When I was in High School in Park Forest, IL, I had the fortune of meeting an English teacher who meant the world to me. His name is Michael Raftery. I found him a while ago on Facebook and it felt appropriate that I should let him know what he meant and still means to me today. So here is a copy of my Facebook post to him:

“I’ll be 50 in May. In reflecting on the most important people who have positively influenced me over the past 50 years, I must tell you that you are within my elite group. I was your student at Rich East ’79-’82. I still hear your voice and advice. You have encouraged me to dig deep, to expand my thinking, to put my soul on paper for prosterity. You have inspired me to be a poet, a writer, to mine my own imagination, to learn with enthusiasm about other poets and writers. You enlightened me with music, and I learned it’s medicinal properties. You turned my “on” button on and I was able to look at the world in a different way. I am a better person because you have touched me all those years ago and set into motion the parts of my life and psyche that I treasure most. You are an excellent teacher, a life coach, an extraordinary man and I thank you with love. Jill Angel Langlois”

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Link to

You may also find my page at

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2 of my poems accepted for publication!

I am grateful that 2 of my poems:

Dream of Black Rain 


have been accepted for online publication at a new poetry journal publishing in March, 2014.  Please take a look during the month of march.

Thank you for your interest! 

-Jill Angel Langlois

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