2 of my poems accepted for publication!

I am grateful that 2 of my poems:

Dream of Black Rain 


have been accepted for online publication at www.AquariumByTheOcean.com a new poetry journal publishing in March, 2014.  Please take a look during the month of march.

Thank you for your interest! 

-Jill Angel Langlois


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Mock-Up of first book!

A very exciting time in a writer’s life:  to see the first mock-up of the first book!

Scattered Petals, my first poetry book, will soon be a reality.  I will need an interested publisher to make it available for all of humankind.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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RAINBOW (Excerpt from “Scattered Petals”)


So a rainbow then

Is a promise to us all

No matter what,

We will survive –

After the rain

And when there is no rain.


I have heard of pots of gold

And do not believe this myth

I have searched and come up dry

And have grown tired, cold and old


In the spring when rain is heavy

I climb through my terrace window

I am struck my midnight beauty

No color but the stars


Shine on in the night

When all the world can see you

When colors do not matter

And all is black and white


In the morning wake up singing

Usher in the light of day

The spectrum is there before you

Turn up the volume and see


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Scattered Petals

A very exciting project is coming to an end and simultaneously a beginning.  My first collection of over 50 poems, “Scattered Petals,” will be in print July, 2012.  I will be seeking an interested Publisher at that time. 

A quote from the back cover:

“I have been in the process of creating this collection of poems for most of my life.  I like to write in the park, in the forest, on my front porch, and while walking the nature trails.  From this vantage, I tend to believe all of life’s answers lie within nature.  If you sit with nature long enough, it will interact with you, revealing its message.  Woven among the sometimes painful, sometimes joyous images are panoramas of nature’s all-encompassing power to nurture and heal.  Even as ‘scattered petals’ are carried aloft by the wind, there is something lasting for those who linger.”

If you are interested in learning more about this very special poetry collection, please contact me at jal1933@yahoo.com or leave a comment.  Thanks for your interest.   -Jill Angel Langlois

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The Writing Life


Oh yes!

My favorite place in the whole world

to sit cross-legged upon my hand-me-down love seat

with my Journal.

Oh joy of joys!

No comfort more surrounding

Nor silence more inviting

Than the hush of pen on paper

and a cup of hot, steaming tea at my side.

Drinking in the thoughts that crowd

searching for their meaning

soothing the day with each stroke of my pen.

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